Hello Fellow Foodies

I am so excited to introduce myself and share my story with you all.

I am a mum on a mission, stay at home chef, domestically challenged house wife, and functioning coffee addict, determined to better the health outcomes of the next generation, one “aeroplane spoon” at a time.

Following the birth of my son, who was born with an extremely rare, life threatening and lifelong immune disorder, I decided to put my nutrition knowledge and experience to use and develop recipes that would naturally boost his immunity and brain development.

I was inspired to write the Smart Baby Cook book after doctors were amazed at my son’s increased immunity and cognitive development. I spent 2 years researching and collaborating with child health experts to help other families set their children on a path of good health, right from the start.

I am honoured to bring you the result of this research – the Smart Baby Cookbook & Smart Baby Food Line.

Meet Smart Little Foodie’s Resident Doctor

Dr Kyla Smith is a Paediatric Dietitian based in Perth, Western Australia. Dr Kyla has over 10 years experience in the field of child nutrition and is the founder and director of Mealtime Building Blocks.

Kyla is passionate about helping parents and children to experience positive mealtimes, without stress and worry. Recently, Kyla has completed her PhD in childhood obesity. She has delivered numerous programs for parents wanting to improve their child’s health and happiness. She has also developed interventions in childhood weight management.

Dr Kyla Smith
Paediatric Dietitian
BSc (Nutrition)
PostGrad Dip (Diet)
PhD (Diet)
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)
Accredited Nutritionist (AN)