Solving the daily lunchbox dilemma!

Thinking of varied and healthy snacks for the school lunchbox each day is every parent’s nightmare and with strict pre-packaged and food allergen policies now in place, recess has become a real challenge.

SMUNCHIES to the Snack Rescue!

SMUNCHIES recognises the need for convenient, affordable, natural, school safe and sugar free snacks that are easy to make, fun for kids and most importantly, nutritious and delicious.

Our sustainable Shake & Snack bottles make wholesome snacks by simply adding liquid, shaking and baking! Kids favourites can be made in minutes like pikelets, muesli bars, cookies and slices – and the flavour variations are endless. Time poor parents can feel good knowing they are making healthy food without the fuss!

Just add liquid, Shake & Bake! Ready in minutes. No need to add extra ingredients. We have done the hard work for you. The ultimate pantry staple!

We use flax, quinoa, chia, oats and other highly nutritious and super powered grains and flours to ensure our children receive a rainbow of nutrients every day.

Passionately supporting Australian School Canteens, Children’s Cancer Charity, local growers, food service industry and families on their healthy lifestyle journey.

SMUNCHIES endeavours to help improve the health outcomes of the next generation with education playing an integral role. SMUNCHIES delivers SMART health programs to schools.

We only include natural, wholefood ingredients with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives and no added sugar.


School safe bake mixes

make convenient and cost-effective nutritious snacks for Australian School Canteens.

Approved for Australian school canteens by FOCIS national registration program

  1. Quick and effortless to make - no extra ingredients required
  2. Make in large or small quantities
  3. Shelf stable & suitable to freeze
  4. 100% natural, no added sugars, additives, allergens or preservatives

Delivered in bulk containers, the mixes are multi use and versatile to suit different taste preferences and snack sizes.

  • Pikelet Mix
  • Muesli Bars Mix
  • Wholesome Cookie Mix
  • Muffin Slice Mix
Bake a Wish Come True!

Bake up a batch of these delicious cupcakes and help make a seriously ill child’s wish come true!

By holding a Bake A Wish Bake Sale you’ll help raise vital funds for Childhood Brain Cancer Research and help seriously ill children across Australia experience a world beyond their hospital room.

Making a life-changing difference can be just a piece of cake…

How does it work?

You can hold a Bake A Wish anywhere! At home, in the office, at school – simply gather people together over some cupcakes, collect donations and make a difference. It really is that simple!

We’ll support you every step of the way. Get started with our fundraising toolkit. Plus we’ll set you up with an online fundraising page to make collecting donations as easy as apple pie.